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We are team of professionals, experienced in Microsoft Visual Studio.Net, Microsoft.Net Framework & ORACLE and Microsoft SQL Server.

We also have team of distinguished and experienced scientific and practical ability to read and meet the customers using latest technology.

Our first goal is provide business software with premium service. Preparing and harnessing the capabilities of computer to serve the individual and society and to overcome all difficulties. Working in field of service programs to serve broad sector of society. Our software seeks to connect the Arab citizen with the technology and progress is around the world, by producing programs in Arabic

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We hope that our ideas can be accessed

To do this, we have established our business software in four, self-supporting manner:

Technical Consulting

The link between the strategic vision of institutions and the implementation phase is training, that includes applying these strategies.

Using the latest global technology

Success is a stage and not a destination. We strive to double and increase our skills, capabilities, and customer service

International experience

Offering highest level of service according to international quality standards, relying on high technical competence and experience of the team

Partnership with customers

Provide periodic updates and respond to customer suggestions, Check feedback for any modifications to add.

Our History

May 5, 1998

Establish Nilesoft Software Company

NileSoft Software Company was established in 1998 by Engineer Faisal Al-Mallah to produce business software and supply the local market and the surrounding areas with high-quality technological products and has achieved many successes in many sectors
Jan 12, 2008

Production & Software Development

The programs were developed according to the requests of development directly from the customers to suit their needs, as well as the technical development, which was based on the technical staff of the company, which is constantly updated on the latest methods and programming languages ​​known and modern
Jan 12, 2008

Implementation business software for many systems

Over the long years of work and exposure to many different account systems and many types of users, we have been able to formulate a method for NileSoft to implement the ERP systems, (Nilesoft Methodology). What distinguishes us that we are able to successfully implement the systems of our customers
Dec 9, 2009

certificate of technological innovation

In recognition of its pioneering role in spreading technological awareness and providing technological solutions that have contributed effectively to the development of the information technology sector and the spread of the use of information technology under the patronage of Mr. Maali Minister of Communications Eng. Atif Helmy

Our Skills

Development 99%
IT Consultation 98%
Provide Hardware 95%
System Development 92%

Clients Feedback

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John Deo- Designer
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Jason- Coder
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Tom- Coder

Meeting your team members

Our team talent is everything to us - it defines our culture, processes and the environment. We focus on the work of smart people who uphold our values and create new opportunities for our customers, clients and users.