It is a system consists of a set of sub-programs that cover inventory and accounts and HR fixed assets and dyeing and printing and processing and manufacturing costs and external operating accounts and general accounts

Inventory and accounts

This part of the system respect to the introduction of the stock movement of Ward and released and the follow-up product cards, as well as follow-up sales and purchases and Mrtjathma and arrested and monetary exchange bonds and securities and notes receivable and notes payable and payroll customer accounts and suppliers and other accounts

External Operating

This part of the system respect to follow-up the external operating through Ka Messages her a message number and the exchange of raw materials to the resource associated with this message is received and what was synthesized from this letter and follow-up deviations between incoming and outgoing on the level of the message, or at the level of class and follow-up resource accounts and give many other detailed reportsaccounts and suppliers and other accounts

Fixed assets

This part of the system respect to the definition of fixed assets detailed their data such as date of original purchase date and the beginning of depreciation and amortization, as well as premium additions and exclusions and work under depreciation, whether monthly or yearly and fixed asset valuation

Al faysal ERP System

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