It is the easiest and the simplest and most powerful program and pharmacies can cash on the way up and the division of labor shifts to follow up the work shifts and each shift balances and follow-up items and follow up corporate accounts and unlock my bills for companies and up-term client accounts and contracts

The program contains all items traded in pharmacies. More than 9000 categories with full data such as prices, discounts, and taxes

Program allowed to sell in case of no balance, yet no items with negative balances
Profitability account for any period required

– Possibility of adding new varieties
– Possibility of modification Class data
– The possibility of entering data whether the item is listed in the table or not with a warning when sold.
– there is a limit request for each category
– the possibility of dividing items into groups and extraction of reports according to these groups. – Possibility to include a statement on the location in which the pharmacy is located
– Possibility of having one or more stores attached to the pharmacy
– Possibility of discontinuing the sale of a particular class
– Possibility to classify items into therapeutic groups and then search for varieties to treat certain cases during a sale. salary items by price or expiration date.
– the ease of inventory of the pharmacy is interesting and does not require inventory to stop selling at the pharmacy
– the possibility of more than the validity of one class
– a report of items that expire within a certain period
– the possibility of excluding items that expire on a certain date of the pharmacy balance and spare them These reports can be made in a quantity or value, ie, an evaluation of the items in the pharmacy or only a quantity. These reports may be referred to as a specific group of products or certain types of products or items in a particular location.
– The possibility of making orders from the program where it gives a statement of deficiencies and the orders are made in innovative ways unique to the program of Al-Faisal so that no orders are required in excess of or less than the need of pharmacy
– Al-Faisal also easily distinguish the process of selling unusually whether the sale of the future or cash Where the sale of the program is much faster than the manual sale of the features of Al-Faisal at this point
– the possibility of a database of customers dialer including address, phone, and other data
– the possibility of selling the future and cash from a single screen
– The possibility of searching the customer’s phone number during the sale
– can sell wi Bar Code
– The possibility of selling a box or bar or bead
– The possibility of work discounts and set a maximum discount for sale, not to exceed a certain percentage of the discount purchase
– delivery treatment Delivery of drugs to home
– Treatment of the sale of the future and payments of customers and their statements
– Handling of contracts and reporting on the contracting company
– The emergence of a screen in fast moving items during sale
– The presence of very easy search methods facilitate the sale and make it very easy
– the emergence of a screen of the remaining amount during the sale
– Warning when selling an expired validity
– give detailed reports and aggregate and statistical data on the Sales – Provide a report on sales of items showing the category and the quantity sold from it in detail and overall
– Control of high-priced items
– Reports showing the value of sales cash
– Reports showing the value of sales during the period grouped by day to appear on each line of the report Sales of one day
– a report of monthly sales value so that the sales of each month on the line
– Reports show the retail for a particular customer during a specified period in detail showing the items sold to him and their value.
– Reports showing the sales during a period including profit
– Reports on sales returns
– Enter the customer stoppers
– Also, features the possibility of the division of work to the shifts and give any of the previous reports during a certain rosette
– There are also reports of cash in the drawer and can Compare them with what is actually in the drawer to determine if there is a deficit or not.
– You can enter invoices of all details in terms of price, tax, bans, and discounts in all details, which facilitates the process of reviewing the bill
Without Bwanas
– the program b Calculate the value of the net discount after all discounts, taxes, and bans to compare with the net discount
– The company checks can be entered and the accounts are locked and followed up and the printing of statements of accounts
– There are reports of purchases showing the purchases during the period of a particular category or all items from a particular company or all companies
– You can define the expenses of pharmacies and the introduction of daily expenses and then follow-up in the reports
– Follow up the bank account and work deposits and checks and give statements of accounts

The program can also determine the financial position of the pharmacy

Alfaysal in Pharmacies

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