This system has been developed to suit the activity of ready-made concrete and has been supported by mobile applications.
The system allows the definition of silos, mixers and pampers, the definition of the production equation for each type of concrete, the definition of the sites of customers, the work of invoices and the issuance of daily invoices.

Alfaysal ready mix concrete ERP system is a flexible and easy-to-use program that includes billing, production control, inventory control, and flight control and organization aspects that form the core of customer requirements.

AlFaysal ERP program

Is a system consisting of a set of subprograms covering the following areas: Inventory and accounts – Personnel and salaries – Fixed assets – Printing and processing – Manufacturing and cost accounting – External operation – General accounts and production control and control and organization of trips and production movements and invoices.


  • The program forms are characterized by speed, flexibility, ease of navigation, preservation, and recall.
  • Control the process of production and manufacture of concrete.
  • Automatic alert for inventory quantities of raw materials.
  • Identify and accurately track the required amount of ready-mixed concrete (cement, sand, other additions) and prevent leakage from processes.
  • Determination of cost through cement consumption statistics as the cost-effective factor.
  • Human resources management of the company and participation in the transport process known as the journey (driver – pump operator – pump operator assistant).
  • The possibility of inquiring about accounting restrictions on the date, number or series of accounting entries.
  • There is no ability to save unbalanced daily accounting restrictions and show a warning message that shows this.
  • Chartered accountancy account, which is not defined in levels, as well as easy to arrange.
  • The possibility of changing the location of any account and transfer it to another place in the tree account with all the restrictions related to the account.
  • All reports can be exported in Excel format.
  • Provide the highest levels of control (update quantity, select print lines, and other options).
readymix concrete erp

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