More compatibility allows you to use more simple

Technical features

Dynamic features that can be automatically or manually triggered with our highly experienced team that provides quick, helpful, and comprehensive support.


We Provide an Integrated solution that allows you to manage your organization with Accurate, simple, easy and flexible software with a large number of reports.


Security is built into all of our services that we bring a higher level of security and privacy to our solutions to protect your data with the latest and most advanced technologies.


We have a wide array of multi-features integrated systems with quality-management processes to deliver the services at a great value that simplify your work.

NileSoft is A leading software company

NileSoft is a leading company in the field of industrial programming in Egypt, where for the first time and with Egyptian minds, the first Egyptian program for the textile design was produced. This is an unprecedented achievement in all of Egypt NileSoft provides analysis, design and development services for its specialized business programs to offer an integrated solution for all businesses. Which they do from the reality of the manual and routine work that the company works, which creates a kind of homogeneity and non-contradiction between what is done manually now and between what will be implemented through these programs to be the process of replacement and renewal without finding the workers on those works.

Why Choose Us

We have a sales department with the highest level of knowledge of the customer’s needs and requirements. Our sales team has contributed to the spread and expansion of sales of programs inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt
The technical support department has been created specifically for the convenience of our clients. Therefore, the technical support staff are well trained and have extensive experience in financial management and software, and the technical support department is closely related to the development department and working together as a team.
NileSoft has extensive experience in the use of Microsoft technologies and programs. In addition to these techniques, Nile Soft has developed some techniques and tools that serve to enrich the software process and enable Nile Soft to access its programs to the highest level and highest efficiency.

Our Clients Feedback

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John Deo- Designer
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Jason- Coder
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Tom- Coder

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