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Nile wave Textile CAD software enables you to manufacture any kind of Jacquard fabrics, from the design to production

It is a special program for the work of textile designs of jacquard machines that control textile machines

This program consists of 4 subprogrammes

1- Designer

dealing with the image in a variety of functions to help to improve the image and processing from the young point of view, such as determining the number of colors, which represents the number of textile structures as well as the number of threading threads.

2-Base weave
Creating and modifying textile structures

3- Production
determine the texture composition of each color and texture compositions in color and creating a two-color image that specifies the orders issued to the jacquard machine to produce the fabric with the specific design and texture structures

4 – Editor
It opens the resulting image from the previous stage and works after improvements such as processing the chefs, specifying the manual of the weft and some other functions

It also produces the final file used by the computer of the Jacquard device and the program supports most of the global jacquard devices such as staubli(JC4, JC5), Bonas and Grosse


A jacquard module includes numerous graphics tools and weaving functions :
– textile design features ( cleaning, color variation, repeat mode )
– Data control of cords and picks
– Control of weft and warp formulas
– Creation of multiple cloths
– Flashing and correction of floats in the point paper and in the fabric

textile CAD software-NileWeave
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